The Best Experience: Class Literacy Surgery: Teacher's Literacy Notes

All praises to the author thanks to Allah SWT. who has bestowed the blessings of guidance, taufik and opportunities, so that they can complete the writing of this book well. The author is also grateful that this opportunity can capture the experience of starting and developing literacy activities at school. Literacy activities carried out are class-based as an implementation of the School Literacy Movement (GLS) launched by the government. Various challenges and obstacles spice up the journey of building students' writing habits, according to their stage of development.

This book is present as a tangible manifestation of the author's activities as a teacher. Especially activities in developing classroom literacy activities. Class literacy activities are intended as student literacy activities carried out in class outside the scheduled learning hours. The government hopes that the 15 minutes before the lesson starts can be utilized optimally with this literacy activity.

Class literacy activities carried out include activities to habituate listening, speaking, reading and writing systematically. So, in the class literacy activity program that was developed, the author and the homeroom teacher at the same time strive to be carried out in a variety of ways. The goal is to continue to motivate students to develop and get used to writing until they are in learning activities. Literacy products produced are also quite a lot. The student books in the form of anthologies of poetry and stories are phenomenal works.

Finally, the author hopes that this book will become a part of the treasures of developing science and literacy in the country, especially as reading material for teachers, practitioners and other education observers. We hope that you will continue to work to support and develop literacy activities in our beloved motherland, Indonesia. May be useful. Greetings literacy.

This book is published in Indonesian. Hopefully someone can translate into English and others

Table of Contents

Part 1 School Literacy Movement

1. Literacy in Class

2. Equalizing Student Perceptions

3. Student Parent Support


Part 2 Classroom Literacy Activities Perangkat

1. The Role of Teachers in Class Literacy Activities

2. Fostering Literacy Students Habits

3.Student Literacy Journal

4. Literacy Teacher Journal

5.The Liaison Book


Part 3 Early Grade Literacy Activities

1.The Importance of Literacy in Early Grades

2. Variety of Literacy Activities in Early Grades

a. Independent Reading

b. Reading aloud

c. Reading Together

d. Storytelling

e.Writing and Singing the National Anthem



Part 4 High Grade Literacy Activities

1.Starting Literacy Activities in High Grade

2. Variety of Literacy Activities in Higher Class

a. Silent Reading

b. Reading Aloud

c. Storytelling teacher

d.Students Tell Stories

e.Students Watch Audio Visual News

f.Students Listen to Radio News

g.Students Write Sunday Activities

h.Students write Prediction Picture Telling

i.Students Describe Concrete Objects

j.Students Write Free Stories

k.Students Create Poetry

l.Students Declaring Poetry

m.Students Advertise Products

n.Students Write Stories Based on Pictures

o.Students Dialogue

3. Literacy Class Canteen


Part 5 Literacy Activities During the Pandemic

1. Learning Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

2.Variety of Student Literacy Activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic

a.Students Read Books

b.Students Write Poems on Corona Theme

c.Students Role Playing with Parents

d.Students Write Corona Theme Stories

e.Students Have Virtual Dialogue


Section 6 Literacy in School Activities

1. Literacy Dimension

2. Mid-Semester Activities

3. Literacy Tour

4. Flag Ceremony

5. Scouting Activities

6. Excellent Student Development


Part 7 Class Literacy Products

1.Writing in Student Journal

2. Picture Story Mini Book

3. Short story


5.Students' Books

Section 8 Evaluation and Development of Classroom Literacy

1. Obstacles Faced

2. Discussion with School Residents

3. Cooperation with Colleagues

4. Cooperation with External Parties


Section 9 Teacher and Student Interaction

1.Friendship with Students

2. Healthy Internet with Students

3. Teaching and Learning Interaction from Home

4.Interaction through PJJ


Appendix: Classroom Literacy Activities Administration Format

1.Format Dimensions and Indicators of Class Literacy

2.Format of Class Literacy Program

3.Format of Student Literacy Journal

4. Teacher Literacy Journal Format

5.Format of Liaison Book

6. Format of Class Literacy Activity Schedule

7.Student Creativity Board Format

8. School Bazaar Financial Literacy Format

9.Format of Literacy Tour Visits


Book Title: Class Literacy Surgery: Teacher's Literacy Notes

Book Type: Non Fiction

Author : Ali Harsojo, M.Pd.

Agency : SDN Pajagalan 2 Sumenep

Sagusabu Training Alumni: Komnasdik East Java

Editor : Khoen Anty



The school literacy movement launched by the government is expected to be carried out optimally. However, teachers often experience obstacles and difficulties in implementing it. Moreover, they must develop classroom literacy activities on a regular basis as the implementation of school literacy activities.

This book thoroughly explores various classroom literacy activities and how to manage them technically and practically. The advantage of this book is that it outlines easy techniques and stages in practicing classroom literacy activities equipped with a variety of supportive administrative formats. Each student literacy activity is accompanied by an interesting photo.

This book is the author's experience in moving the classroom-based school literacy program presented in crisp, straightforward and simple language. The wealth of treasures in every literacy activity that is developed, makes this book important to be read and owned by every teacher and other education practitioner.


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