Full Moon Your Face

Full Moon Your Face

I see your smile

On the silhouette of the night moon

The perfect full moon

Check out your sparkling romance

I see the light of your face

In the glow of the moon shining

The blushing full moon

Like your shining cornea

I see the full moon on your face

Light up the recesses of my heart

Illuminate the trough of my soul

Framing a sprig of longing

On an innocent branch

I want eternal in your soul

Like a full moon

My dream is eternal in your heart

Like a bright moon

Cin, full moon, your face is charming

Sumenep, the moon field, the middle of the month

Full Moon

I remember half sasi, love blossoms

Your words are soft and reassuring

Under the cypress trees that line the beach

That night, you whispered earnestly

Like Romeo and Juliet

We tell the story of wading through the full night

Right at the crown, the moon glows happily

Surprised to reveal the fluttering heart beat

You're half-up leaning on a chest

That night, you spoke intimately about love

Like a king and queen

We start the story of tracing the full moon

We bathe in a bright light

Never mind the waves crashing against the reef

On the edge of the bright white sandy beach

That night, you promised with a handful of sand

Like beetles and flowers

We open the sheet of full light

When the night is late

We also don't pay attention to the chilly chills

Our feet sink into the white sand

That night, your fingers are soft

Like a pair of doves

We mix together looking at the full moon

You smile sweetly looking up at the ring

Your warmth glows, because it is covered with moonlight

Your face lit up, because it was swept away by the night wind

Your fingers are beautiful mamadu my fingers are stiff

That night, the moon with our love, the story of us

Cin, our honeymoon, happily bathed in the full glow of the moon

Sumenep, 29/05/2021

Full Moon Promise

When the full moon shines bright

I trace the tantalizing mangata

Towards the dazzling moon

Under the lantern of the universe

We knit together weave a promise

When the moon shines bright

I step happy feet

Towards a rosy full moon

Under the beam of a thousand lights

We both bond

When the sky is full of stars

You lean your shoulder gently

Until my broken heart beats

Beats fast, can't be counted

Cin, a promise that is tested when the full moon 

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